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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Day is Coming...

As we draw closer to the anniversary of Anne Boleyn's death many writers are marking the countdown with a play by play of what happened each day this month in Anne's history in the year she was arrested.  Today is May 6th, and a letter dated May 6th, purportedly from Anne was found sometime in the 1600s.  Many people think this letter is a forgery and it is often debated because of the handwriting, which is different from Anne's.  The signature also reads "Anne Bullen" instead of Anne the Queen or Anne Boleyn.  I think the queen knew how to spell her own name, but perhaps it was a copy, perhaps it was dictated, who knows.  I do love the letter however, in it she tells Henry that she had suspicions of his feelings for Jane Seymour, who she never mentions by name.  She also tells him that if he must slander her name as well as execute her she will pray to God that he will be forgiven for his great sin on judgement day, where she will be found innocent.  I love it because if she did write it it shows that she did not go down without saying her piece.  That is who I like to think Anne was, an intelligent, strong woman who did not take any crap from anyone, least of all her philandering husband.  Vive la reine.

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