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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"The Most Happy" and the most Betrayed

What can I say, how do I even begin to discuss this tragic and doomed marriage?  Nothing I can write, nothing I can say can even begin to convey how I feel about this woman, and her relationship to her husband and what I can only call his savage destruction of their marriage and of her.  I think Natalie Dormer brought Anne's pain to life in a way that no words ever could.  Maybe, after having felt that blinding pain of love gone terribly wrong I know that there is nothing to explain the raw cold of it.  The sense of living in a state of alternate reality, the disbelief, it's horrifying in it's magnitude.  So, today, while I'm thinking about what to say, I'll leave you with another video, if I can't get the whole video to display just click on the video and you'll be taken to YouTube.

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