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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Motherhood Is Not Always Joyous

As I am not feeling very joyous about motherhood myself today though I dearly love.  Sometimes motherhood means anger and sometimes it means heartbreak.  I'm sure it was heart breaking for all of the Tudor mothers in the end.  They were all forced to leave their children, whether for untimely death or because of unjust seperation.  In the end Katherine of Aragon begged Henry to be a good father to Mary.  Anne Boleyn said nothing negative about Henry on the scaffold, a final gift to her beautiful girl, I'm sure she was afraid if she said too much Elisabeth would be treated badly.  Jane Seymour died before she could ever mother her son.  I love the video below, the maker managed to show Anne and Elisabeth in very similar physical positions and I love the idea of Anne watching over her daughter telling her to light up.  She sure did light up, she, for all of her faults was an amazing ruler.

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