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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Tudors, Season 4, Episode 2

I just watched the newest episode of "The Tudors" and I think this season is going a little bit out of the range of reality.  Culpepper sleeping with Jane Rochford?  Looks like Henry is going to sleep with Anne of Cleves next week?  As far I as I know, and I know a lot none of that ever happened.  Yeah, it makes it interesting, but it was interesting to begin with, these little plot twists are mmm...not needed.  Notice Henry's pause and funny look when Katherine says "I'm the most happy" in a sentence, that was Anne Boleyn's motto.  Sort of like his pause last week when watching his daughter Elisabeth.  My beautiful and most dignified Anne is not leaving his mind that easily.

I am also at the moment reading a most wonderful book, "Threads" by Nell Gavin.  It is the story of the reincarnation of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn and it is truly an amazing book.  Nell's whole explanation of reincarnation is thought provoking and the character of Anne is quite unique.  Though I think this take on Anne is more girl than woman, I'm not disappointed.  The story is wonderful and I can hardly stand to put the book down.  Any fan of a different type of story should read this book, it's a page turner and you will not be disappointed.  Buy this book off my link on one of the posts below, it makes me money!

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