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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Tudors Season 4, Katherine Howard

Season 4 of "The Tudors" started last night, I couldn't let that go by unnoticed.  Tamzin Merchant, an actress I have never seen before does a wonderful job of playing a teenager who should never have been queen.  What was Henry thinking?  Ok, I know what he was thinking, sex, but really? Although we will never know the day to day temperment and actions of this young queen the charachter designed by Michael Hirst fits much of what I think she would have been like.

Merchant plays a young, frivolous girl with no grace, no bearing, no resemblance to any of Henry's other wives in terms of dignity.  She was not raised to be a noble woman, much less a queen and it shows.  She has no idea how to behave, court etiquette is foreign to her and dignity is something she could only pray to possess.  She is a skinny little thing, all elbows and knees, and shoulder blades, pretty, but meant to appear awkward.  Merchant does a magnificent job playing this petulant, ridiculous queen who met a tragic end. 

Some people refuse to learn from the past and the mistakes, or said mistakes of others.  You would think Katherine would have been wary enough after the death of her cousin Anne and would have behaved herself.  But no, she slept her way to her death.  She also trusted Jane Rochford, who was instrumental to Anne's downfall, how stupid was that?  But it's a C minus world right?  Watch the video below to see Katherine in a showdown with princess Mary.  Watch the ridiculous posture, the flouncing about and the hand on the hip.  It's great, but not if you're a queen.

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