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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Tudors, Season 4, Episode 3

Hmmm...this season is taking some interesting twists.  Henry wants to sleep with Anne of Cleves and he has decided he does like her?  Never heard that one before but adds to the story I guess.  Also, Jane Rochford is sleeping with Thomas Culpepper, never heard that before either, but I think it just makes her look even more bitter and crazy then she already was so sure, why not.  The fact that she also likes watching Culpepper get it on with Katherine Howard is different, but I guess all of this is thrown in to add sexuality to the show, like it was lacking.  There are more naked bodies in that show then Sex and the City. 

The dynamic between Henry and Katherine is getting interesting too.  Henry seems to be realizing that maybe marrying a 17 year old when you are in your 40s is a bad idea. Katherine is not getting pregnant, which is obviously ticking him off.  He is getting angrier and crazier by the day if you ask me, acting like Jesus himself and laying hands on his subjects to heal them.  What's up with that?  Syphilis and illusions of grandeur if you ask me, but it goes unnoticed in a king I guess.

At the end Katherine Howard is getting it on with Culpepper, in the "stool chamber" or the bathroom of the times.  This is right above Henry's bedroom and he is supposedly sleeping.  He awakens however, right about the time of climax for Culpepper, I am betting he heard...heads will roll!

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